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User Guides

HCA East Florida Division IT&S strives to deliver state-of-the-art applications and services, enabling our physicians to provide excellent patient care.

Our applications cover the following areas:

  • Core Patient Data
  • Remote Access including support for Apple products
  • Education and Reference
  • Specialty areas – OB and CV
  • Electronic result delivery

You'll find brief descriptions of our applications and training material on this page. For additional information, please contact our 24/7 Help Desk at 1-888-561-6599. One of our Physician Support Coordinators will contact you.

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AirStrip Cardiology

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY is a secure, HIPAA-compliant and FDA cleared means for physicians and other care providers to use a native application on a smart phone or tablet device to access and interact with 12 & 15-lead ECG's. AirStrip CARDIOLOGY receives ECG waveforms and vitals from EMS transport via a partnership with Medtronic / Physio Control and hospital ECG management systems such as GE MUSE.

AirStrip OB

AirStrip OB allows real-time access to fetal waveforms and other data through smart phones.

* Prerequisite required for eligibility.


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hCare/PK provides a single electronic access point for providers to view patient information and clinical data. Links for access to the other clinical systems such as ECGs, PACS images, and fetal monitoring are also available.

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CV-PACS stands for Cardiovascular Picture Archiving and Communication System. CV-PACS provides digital images for cardiology procedures and remote access, and allows a provider to interpret and sign ECG's.

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Medical References

Complimentary site subscriptions are available for UptoDate, Clinical Pharmacology, and Medline Complete. Reference links and medical journals are available through the hCare/PK .

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CPN/OB Link provides access to view fetal waveforms and patient documentation.

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MEDITECH is an integrated information system that enables health care providers to track a patient's history and/or monitor ongoing treatment of chronic health problems, regardless of the patient's whereabouts. Providers are afforded immediate access to patients' medical records, which can be used to devise treatments.

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Electronic Signature HPF

HPF allows physicians to view and electronically sign orders and dictated reports via the web.

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OR Big Board

Process Surgical Big Board is a routine within Meditech that tracks surgical patients throughout the perioperative process real time for physicians, hospital staff and office staff. Big Board also serves as a launching pad for entering orders, reviewing test results, entering documentation and can be utilized to navigate to multiple functions within Meditech.

If you would like Surgical Big Board set up in your office please complete the Big Board Request Form. Upon receipt we will contact your office and schedule implementation and a demonstration.

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Electronic Notifications

HPF (Horizon Patient Folder) Deficiency Notifications

HPF (Horizon Patient Folder) Deficiency Notifications is an automated process to alert physicians or their designees of HPF deficiencies (incomplete Medical Records). Physician Support Coordinators and facility HIM departments can enable alerts for the physicians or their designees via a web form. Physicians or their designees will be notified of deficiencies weekly via email or text. No patient information will be sent in the alerts -- physicians must log into the hCare/PK Clinician Portal to see actual deficiencies.

Please contact your facility PSC for enrollment.

PCP Notifications

PCP Notify alerts primary care physicians when a patient is admitted and discharged from the ED.

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hCare/PK Mobility

hCare/PK Mobility allows our physicians to access patient clinical information on their smart phone or iPAD anywhere they can receive a cellular or WI–FI data signal.

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Physician Learning Center

Physician Learning Center (PLC) is an on-line learning portal dedication to non-employed HCA physicians. On-line access means convenience - whether you need to complete requited training or catch up on your CME credits., HCA's exclusive, provider online resource, has added an eLearning Community page with links to relevant podcasts, videos and online tutorials.

Current offerings include training and educational resources for Advanced Clinicals with CPOE and Speech Recognition.

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hCare/PK Hub

hCare/PK Hub provides integration between HCA clinical systems and the physician practice. The Hub gives the facility the ability to send electronic clinical results from MEDITECH to affiliated physician practices that have disparate EMR software packages or no EMR at all.

hCare/PK Hub functionality

  • Lab Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Departmental Reports
  • Face Sheets
  • Pathology Reports

hCare/PK Hub Delivery Options

  • EMR integration (HL7)
  • Dropbox *
  • PDF file delivery *
* indicates EMR is NOT required.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Tap-N-Go single sign-on allows users to immediately log-on to their computer session with the tap of a badge. This circumvents a user from repeatedly typing logon credentials for access.